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How To Create The Love

We’ve done this work. We live it. We teach it everywhere, AND IT WORKS.

Are You Ready To Take You & Your Relationships To The Next Level?

It all begins on July 8th!

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In This 6-Week Course We'll Cover:

  • Big Picture: Weekly Videos and Exercises to process & progress you through your past, to the present, and into the future (what you want to create!)
  • Put It In The Past: Understanding our past, how it affects us today, and how to learn from it and leave it where it belongs... in the past.
  • Pattern Disruption: How to stop repeating the same patterns and actually change them. End Self-Sabotage FOREVER.
  • Releasing The Past: How to let go of the past and move forward and be open to love.
  • Triggers, Triggers, Everywhere: Understanding your triggers & what relationships bring up in you, and how to navigate (y)our stuff, together.
  • Becoming Secure: Understanding attachment, codependency & how to create safety & security.
  • All The Feels. Understanding our emotions and putting word to feelings.
  • Communication: A framework for expressing our needs, standing in our worthiness, & handling and navigating conflict.
  • RECLAIM YOUR VOICE: Sorry for yelling... but you really get get that voice back and speak up. We're gonna teach you why you don't, why you should, and how to pick up the mic, and then drop it. No more playing small.
  • BOUNDARIES. All. The. Boundaries. Learn how to say "No" like you mean it (cause you do!).
  • Accountability: You'll learn how to show up for yourself and why investing in yourself is what actually cultivates change and self-worth.
  • Keeping The Spark: How to not only maintain connection, but also learn how to cultivate and deepen our relationship to one another, and in turn, ourselves.
  • Getting REALLY Intentional: Becoming even MORE clear on what you want and how to invite that in.

Get ready to have your mind blown, your heart blown even more, and your life to be transformed.

If you sign up, if you do this work, you will change your life and how you love. 100%.


If you'd rather spread out the payments over 3 months, click here.