Going From Hurting ---> Healing ---> Thriving -- In Just 5 Weeks

The Breakup Recovery Recipe

Use the pain from your breakup to transform your life.

There’s no need to sound like a broken record and tell you what you already know: It’s time to take control of your life. Look, you’re here. You’re heartbroken, and now, you get to decide: Let this heartbreak hold you back from love, OR, take control of your life and decide that this is going to be the moment where everything changed…and you finally said, IT’S TIME.
You’ve probably heard so many stories where people go from thinking they’ve lost “the one”, to thriving and finding themselves and their life partner. They did. So can you.

You’re ready to start on your path of healing if:

  • You don't know where to start with the grief of your relationship ending
  • You feel like you can't or won't trust in love again
  • Your heart is in a million pieces
  • You want to understand what happened and clean up the mess of your past
  • You want to learn how to show up for yourself and to also find someone who can fully show up for you
  • Your partners never seem to meet your needs and you can't understand why
  • You have tried to 'get over it' but you just can't
  • You’re ready to really begin healing your heart

You know that moment, RIGHT? You’ve recovered from your breakup when:

You Stop Thinking About Them

(obsessing..let's be real)

You have that space in your mind back... you know, the space that allows you to think about how good your coffee tastes, to go to your favourite restaurants, and to daydream about the future with a smile again.

You Meet Someone New

(and are excited about it)

It feels so light and free to meet someone and really look forward to getting to know them! To finally stop comparing them to that ex. Damn it feels good to be open to love again. It feels good to choose yourself and be chosen.

You Know You're Over Them

(the door's finally closed)

It's hard to put this into words... but you know that moment when the weight just lifts?! When we're actually free from the prison of our past...when we know if they asked, we wouldn't want them back -  that moment, is delicious.

Even though the reasons to sign up to be supported, guided and learn about how to change your patterns in relationship forever are a no-brainer, somehow the pain of heartbreak seems to be a home you (we) want to live in, and have never been taught how to leave.


We often confuse letting go with saying, "What they did was okay". We sit in pain because we feel less lonely... because any feeling is better than the feeling of having to start over, right?! 

Maybe... but mostly, No.

You may have made some progress though, right?! You might have even stopped checking their social media posts & activity (no you didn't), or driving by their house or work, you may have even watched my webinar on breakups...

WHEN DO YOU CHOOSE YOU?! You're at the bottom, now it's time to rise. Pick up these pieces and stop waiting for someone else to save you. IT'S TIME TO SAVE YOURSELF.

It's time to learn how to have your own back, set amazing boundaries, clean up your past, and move towards a future that is bright and beautiful and filled with the type of love you know you deserve.



  • DAILY videos and emails from Mark to walk you through the process of grieving and letting go
  • Weekly lessons that bring you real clarity on what happened and why
  • Weekly exercises focused on growing and transforming
  • Learn how to change your patterns so you don't repeat the same mistakes again!

From Hurting

Learn how to grieve your relationship so you can finally let them go

To Healing

The steps you need to do to help your heart feel whole again

To Thriving

Regain your identity, discover and step more fully into who you are, and move forward empowered and ready!

"If you're ready to move through your upper limit, take responsibility for the energy you bring to the table and love all of the parts you've been hiding for so long this is the course for you! I feel empowered, so compassionate toward myself and the little me who was so hurt for so long. I'm ready to openly work through things I used to hide from. I know my values and my boundaries and I'm hoping to invite a partner in my life who is as woke as I am now. No more thinking small or settling for less. I am now the love I crave. TEN OUT OF TEN!"

Liz S.

Are you ready to move from hurting, to healing, to thriving in just 5 weeks?

Take intentional steps to heal, learn how to grieve your relationship so you can let it go. Take the steps you need to help your heart feel whole again. Regain your identity and move forward empowered and fulfilled!


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