Relationship to Money

Have your WEALTH meet your WORTH alongside money empowerment coach Selina Gray.


Relationship to Money

Have your WEALTH meet your WORTH alongside money empowerment coach Selina Gray.


"What gets in the way of a life of inner and outer richness? Our worth. You will only allow yourself to have what you believe you're worthy of." 


It's Time to Heal Your Relationship with Money If You...


⭐️ Avoid money conversations in any way... (Hello 👋 . I see you because I was you!).
⭐️ Don't feel worthy of a partner because you aren't worth enough.
⭐️ Feel squeamish about the subject in annnnnny way at all. (🙋🏻‍♂️ me, again.)
⭐️ Carry unwanted debt. (hi. 👋 me too. Okay... all of these were me.)
⭐️ Were taught rich people are bad/evil.
⭐️ Can’t stop buying things on Amazon.
⭐️ Budgeting is inversely correlated to your sex drive.
⭐️ Have worked on your romantic relationships and yourself but still don't feel aligned in your work and wealth.
⭐️ Afraid to log in to your bank and see your bank balance.
⭐️ Lie about what you earn, what you spend, and how you spend your money.
⭐️ Are afraid of what your friends/family will think if you are successful.
⭐️ Afraid of what your community will think if you stop being a "starving artist." [insert any job/identity that's linked to struggle/low compensation]
⭐️ Don't want to take responsibility for how you spend because then you'll have to be responsible for how you spend.
⭐️ Have a hard time asking for a raise.
⭐️ Say "I can't afford that" all the time.
⭐️ Don't feel valuable because you aren't a good "provider."
⭐️ No matter how much you make, it's never enough.
⭐️ No matter how much you make, you still can't keep a positive bank balance.
⭐️ You and your partner disconnect and/or argue when it comes to money and financial decisions.
⭐️ Don't feel valued at work or you want to be better recognized for what you do.
⭐️ Are ready to stop struggling.
⭐️ Feel like you are overworked and underpaid and are ready to reclaim your value.
⭐️ Want to let go of hustling day & night and not seeing results in your bank account.
⭐️ Want to feel confident about your purchases and your boundaries around money.
⭐️ Are ready to find out what real abundance feels like and up-level your wealth for good.

If you resonated with any of these, this course can help you break out of the piggy bank!


What You Get

  • 4 Week Course with Mark Groves and Money Empowerment Coach, Selina Gray, to work through your relationship to money and reclaim your worth.
  • Weekly Videos, Lessons, Meditations, Visualizations, Audios, Excavations, Scripts, Money Tools, Exercises & Workbooks to guide you through the process of uncovering what is holding you back from living a life of abundance and standing in what you know you're worthy of.
  • Get immediate access and work through the course at your own pace. You get 12 months of access to the content, community, and coaching on Kajabi + downloadable PDF and Audio files to keep forever!

Cultivate Confidence

It's time to write a new story of security, confidence, and alignment. Many of us live within shame, scarcity, and upper limits around our worth, and it shows up as anxiety, fear, and overwhelm around money. 

Own Your Inner Wealth

Define your values and needs. You will no longer feel as though success is out of reach because you have defined success in your own terms. Own your inner wealth and know exactly what you need to feel in abundance.

Know Your Worth

Know what you're worth, and don't be afraid to ask for it. Your money doesn't dictate your value, but you are in control of your financial future. You can trust yourself to show up fully in meeting your needs and goals.

Course Sneak Peak

  • Week 1 - Opening The Vault: Cultivate a better relationship with money by exploring your Money Story, your relationship with money as it stands today, and how money plays a part in our relationships with others.
  • Week 2 - Cracking The Safe: Dive into your money mindset, explore your money constellation, and take steps toward healing money wounds + all your real feels around money.
  • Week 3 - Breaking the Bank: Define your money attachment style and your values around money and start getting real with exercises around net worth, your numerical story, and cash flow.
  • Week 4 - Cultivating Inner & Outer Richness: Get real with debt + what you can do about it, heal the B-word (budget!), set money boundaries, and anchor a foundation for your new money story.

Meet Selina Gray, CPA, CA

As a financial empowerment coach with over 15 years of experience, Selina Gray has helped thousands of people transform their relationship to money. She has dedicated her life to helping others free their money shame & create richness from the inside out.

Mark and Selina have known each other for many years. They've worked with each other on their businesses and Selina has helped Mark heal his own relationship to money. They partnered up to create this course to share their secrets to success in financial freedom.

What Create The Lovers are Saying About this Course!


💰 “This course took me by surprise. I learned so much. I evolved. I took time to heal, to grow, to reflect and to change. Although I started this course 7 months ago, I kept coming back to it because I believed in the power of expansion. Thank you, Mark and Selina. Your course has changed my life." —Mary-Catherine G.

💰 "Wow, this is powerful stuff. I think the most valuable aspect of the course for me was developing an awareness of the old emotions (from childhood and other past experiences) that keep me feeling small and keep me stuck in reactionary patterns. Just the awareness itself is so powerful and expansive. I will be continuing to work on my relationship to money. This course is definitely just the spring board, or launch pad if you will." —Fay S.

💰 "Thank you, thank you, thank you! My fav part is seeing huge changes in my mindset. Second thing was accepting the truth about the way I was raised...and my belief system I have built around it. Since ending of the course I have learned to make better choices, set boundaries, accept less BS from other people. I appreciate more material things in my life and crave less new items. I’m happy." —Joanna C.

💰 "This course and journey have been eye-opening and heart centering for me. It was so challenging yet enriching—I am feeling much more like myself and awakening parts of me that I have been too scared to reveal for some time. I truly appreciate all the words of wisdom you shared and the nuggets of brilliance that you imparted on us. I feel like I've come home to myself. I feel like I can own who I am, what I want and set the appropriate boundaries in order to feel successful. The knot in my stomach has dissipated and I am full of energy, life force and wonder as I step into my truth. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU BOTH." —Larissa F.

💰 "Like all of Mark’s programs, this is great. And the combo of Mark and Selina’s superpowers combined is pretty amazing. I never associated intuition with money, but I do now. Thanks for presenting a tough subject in such a comprehensive and learnable format." —Simarron S.

💰 "The feeling of anxiety I had in investing in this course was the exact reason I knew I needed to do it, to change my patterning!" —Leila R.

💰 "I have contributed to my life financially my whole life but never owned it or felt deserving of it. Learning how to be mindful of my needs AND conscious of my money is healing I never knew I needed." —Kristin F.

💰 "This whole program has been such a beautiful offering. I feel grateful to become so aware of all of my money stories through the exercises Selina and Mark have put together." —Melinda C.



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