Relationship To Money

What gets in the way of deep love and a life of inner and outer richness? Our worth. That's right... You will only allow yourself to have what you believe you're worthy of.



It's Time To Heal Your Relationship With Money If You:  

  • Avoid money conversations in any way... (Hello 👋 . I see you because I was you!).
  • Don't feel worthy of a partner because you aren't worth enough.
  • Feel squeemish about the subject in annnnnny way at all. (🙋🏻‍♂️ me again.) 
  • Carry unwanted debt. (hi. 👋 me too. Okay... all of these were me.)
  • Were taught rich people are bad/evil.
  • Can’t stop buying things on Amazon.
  • Budgeting is inversely correlated to your sex drive.
  • Have worked on your romantic relationships and yourself but still don't feel aligned in your work and wealth.
  • Afraid to login to your bank and see your bank balance.
  • Lie about what you earn, what you spend, and how you spend your money.
  • Are afraid of what your friends/family will think if you are successful.
  • Afraid of what your community will think if you stop being a "starving artist." (insert any job/identity that's linked to struggle/low compensation).
  • Don't want to take responsibility for how you spend because then you'll have to be responsible for how you spend.
  • Have a hard time asking for a raise.
  • Say "I can't afford that" all the time.
  • Don't feel valuable because you aren't a good "provider."
  • No matter how much you make, it's never enough.
  • No matter how much you make, you still can't keep a positive bank balance.
  • And your partner disconnect and/or argue when it comes to money and financial decisions.
  • Don't feel valued at work or you want to be better recognized for what you do.
  • Are ready to stop struggling.
  • Feel like you are overworked and underpaid and are ready to reclaim your value.
  • Want to let go of hustling day & night and not seeing results in your bank account.
  • Want to feel confident about your purchases and your boundaries around money.
  • Are ready to find out what real abundance feels like and up-level your wealth for good.
I'm Ready!


Less Anxiety, Fear and Overwhelm Around Money

Many of us live within shame, scarcity and upper limits around our worth. This is reflected in our relationship to money where we can play small or avoid the topic altogether. It's time to write a new story of security, confidence and alignment.

Owning Your Inner Wealth

You define your values and needs and these shape your life. You no longer feel as though success is out of reach because you have defined success in your own terms. You own your inner wealth and know exactly what you need to feel in abundance.

Knowing Your Wealth Meet Your Worth

You know what you are worth and you are not afraid to ask for it. You understand that your money doesn't dictate your value, but you are in control of your financial future. You can trust yourself to show up fully in meeting your needs and goals.

Work with Mark Groves and Selina Gray (CPA, CA)

Who is Selina?

As a financial empowerment coach with over 15 years of experience, Selina has helped 1,000's of people transform their relationship to money. She has dedicated her life to helping others free their money shame & create richness from the inside out.

Mark and Selina have known each other for many years. They've worked with each other on their businesses and Selina has helped Mark heal his own relationship to money. 



  • Bonus LIVE group call with Mark and Selina to ask questions and discuss your growth.
  • 4 Weeks With Mark and Selina to work through your relationship to money and reclaiming your worth.
  • Deep Dive into uncovering what is holding you back from living a life of abundance and standing in what you know you're worthy of.
  • Weekly Videos, Lessons & Worksheets to guide you through the process of rewriting your story around wealth and abundance.
  • Complete The Course Online from anywhere in the world and at anytime with other people who think the way you think and are supportive of your transformation.


"If you're ready to move through your upper limit, take responsibility for the energy you bring to the table and love all of the parts you've been hiding for so long this is the course for you! I feel empowered, so compassionate toward myself and the little me who was so hurt for so long. I'm ready to openly work through things I used to hide from. I know my values and my boundaries and I'm hoping to invite a partner in my life who is as woke as I am now. No more thinking small or settling for less. I am now the love I crave. TEN OUT OF TEN!"

Liz S.

I'm Ready To Heal My Relationship to Money!

During this 4 weeks deep dive into your relationship to money, Selina and I will be with you with videos, exercises and instructional lessons that you can take any time, anywhere in the world!


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