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Relationship To Money

Are you tired of living within shame, scarcity and fear around money? Have you worked on your relationships and yourself yet you still don't feel aligned in your work and wealth?

Are you ready for your wealth to meet your worth? Of course! It's time to heal your relationship to money!

  • Learn your money story: all the experiences that have shaped your perception of your worth and your wealth and how these stories can be holding you back.
  • Learn all about self-sabotage in relation to money. How we avoid, deny and play small when it comes to our wealth.
  • Learn how attachment styles show up in relation to money. YES!
  • Learn to cultivate inner self-worth, find your true inner values and ways for these to shape how you show up when it comes to finances.
  • Learn bulletproof boundaries around your money, how to give and earn in a way that feels right for you.
  • Finally find equilibrium and feel confident around your needs, wants and spending.

Are you ready to heal your relationship to money?

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What People Are Saying About Our Programs:

“This first lesson is already worth the price of admission. Thank you! ”

James M.

“I have told everyone I know about the program. So many people were telling me I was different and my therapist even said to me "you've done five years of work in the three months I have known you". The program's design, daily and weekly doses really make for optimum healing and growth. Seriously thank you for changing me and my life through your work!”

Natasha F.

“I don't know if it was the timing, or that your material is just SO above par that it made a difference to me like no other "work on yourself" material ever has. Truth. I am so grateful for the course materials, Mark's message and how he delivers it with such love, compassion and yet truth bombs galore.”

Sophie L.