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Rediscover Your Wholeness with Mark Groves

Are you tired of being told to 'love yourself' but not knowing where to start? Are you ready to stop feeling like you aren't chosen or valued? Are you tired of never feeling fully loved?

Are you ready for self-love to be more than a cliche? Of course! It's time to rediscover your wholeness!

  • Learn the building blocks of self-love: how to develop kindness and compassion for the self, the concept and practice of maitri, how to develop a daily practice and rituals of self-love and how to be unconditionally loving to yourself.
  • Learn all about self-sabotage, how and why we limit ourselves and how to develop a routine to help overcome the blocks we use to stop ourselves from fully living with happiness, love and success.
  • The inner critic and the shadow self: learn to differentiate your inner critic's voice, learn the aspects of your shadow self, unpack the history that is behind the shadow so that you can begin to gently accept these parts of yourself.
  • Healing emotional blocks and triggers: you will learn what emotional blocks and triggers are, where they sit in your life and why, as well as how to begin to watch your thoughts and feelings as an observer and in this process begin to take your power back.
  • Develop self-expression as a practice for a fuller you: by learning the fundamentals of boundaries and your inner 'why', you can begin to work on more fully expressing yourself.
  • Gratitude practice and closing ceremony: in the final part of the four weeks we will hold a closing ceremony of our own, we will work on communicating and showing gratitude with different love languages and learn how to practice and embody gratitude in our daily life.

Are you ready to dive into your wholeness? I can't wait!

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What People Are Saying About Our Programs:

“I don't know if it was the timing, or that your material is just SO above par that it made a difference to me like no other "work on yourself" material ever has. Truth. I am so grateful for the course materials, Mark's message and how he delivers it with such love, compassion and yet truth bombs galore.”

Sophie L.

“I have told everyone I know about the program. So many people were telling me I was different and my therapist even said to me "you've done five years of work in the three months I have known you". The program's design, daily and weekly doses really make for optimum healing and growth. Seriously thank you for changing me and my life through your work!”

Natasha F.

“This first lesson is already worth the price of admission. Thank you! ”

James M.