Mark and Terri were basically describing my life and all the issues I have and where they stem from.


I was inspired to enroll from an instagram live video where Mark and Terri were basically describing my life and all the issues I have and where they stem from. I knew something was off, but didn't realize that I was so Codependent. I am also in the phase of my life where I have felt stuck for years and I needed some guidance on how to move forward and have a better relationship with myself, so that I could have good relationships with others.

I learned that self care is not selfish at all. That was one thing that I needed to unlearn and this course definitely was a great teacher, guide, and constant reminder that putting myself first is the most important thing I could do in my life!

The hidden benefit for me was that I could immediately use the guidance from the course and begin practicing with the new guy I began dating, and also within living with my parents again (who we're no longer speaking because we're all terrible at direct communication). I found myself starting to really pause and think about how I feel before reacting, and noticing small changes within my self care each day. I learned to make sure my cup is full in the mornings (meditations with Terri, journaling, reading), before trying to pour out into anyone else's. 

This was such a dope, amazing, and transformative course. I watched myself evolve within the past 6 weeks of this course and I am so very thankful to you both!! I'm also really excited to go through it a few more times and continue to grow and evolve. I feel so blessed that I found out about this - it rolled out into my life as the exact right moment. And if you're thinking about it for more than 5 seconds - you should probably enroll! THANK YOU MARK & TERRI!!!!

Jenine H.

I knew I was overly focused on my partner and his needs, wants and desires and I felt in a way I was abandoning my own.


I was in a point in my relationship where I felt like I wanted to take action in learning tools that I could use to help communicate my needs. I knew I was overly focused on my partner and his needs, wants and desires and I felt in a way I was abandoning my own.

By Participating in the course I have learned specific tools including, energy healing, meditation, learning about how to set and follow thru with boundaries, learning about self care. The results I received have been a new found awareness of deep patterns and the above mentioned tools to be able to move thru and navigate myself in to knowing how to create a new approach one that is in more alignment with my needs, wants and desires.

Terri and Mark really covered mind, body and spirit awareness in this course. I was pleasantly surprised by the wholistic learning and I loved it. I was also so happy with the course content and how much information and detail went into the creation of this course.

I totally recommend taking this course. Check out Terri Cole and Mark Groves podcasts and see if there teachings and information resonate for you. If its a yes and you know your co-dependant you cant go wrong with signing up for this course.

Jessica M.


I have gained wisdom and tools I can use to not have to go back to my old patterns of codependency.


What inspired me to enroll in Crushing Codependency was the fact that I had just gotten out of a 17 year relationship where i had completely lost myself. I had dabbled a bit into codependency but I didn't really fully understood what it was. I have been doing a year of self work and a course in crushing codependency was the perfect opportunity to learn and grown more.

The results I got from the course was the benefit of really knowing why I do what I do. What in my childhood and adult relationships showed me about relationships and interacting with friends, family, and in relationships. I received so many tools I can use to further my interdependency and be able to have healthy full loving relationships with myself and with others. I now understand what codependency is and what it is not and how to set appropriate boundaries and the fact that I can say no or I'll let you know and be able to be ok and still love myself.

 The hidden benefit for me in this course was learning how much my relationship with my mother has affected my other relationships in my life. The fact that i have choices and can make necessary changes to actually have the life i had always wanted. Going back to my codependency patterns will be a choice because I have gained wisdom and tools I can use to not have to go back to my old patterns of codependency. I am free!!

I loved all the different worksheets, energy work, and meditations. I feel there is resources for each person no matter where you are at in your life. This course has made a huge impact on my life and has made it possible to really grow and continue to do the hard but fulfilling work of becoming the person I have always wanted to become but never knew how. 

Christa F.



I realized that I have been stating that I want a healthy relationship. Not just romantic, but I want all of my relationships to be healthy. It became clear to me that it's just time to get serious about my healing and also about the steps I take to create these healthy relationships. I wanted to show myself that I am worth the investment in paying for a legit course and stop dipping in and out of 'freeby-offerings'.

I was able to see that I actually am really good at noticing red flags, and my hick-up is that I stay, or I don't speak up. I now feel inspired to notice these moments and deal with them properly and with empowerment.

Confidence! I'm quite surprised at the amount of confidence I've stepped into through these 6 weeks. I'm not anxious or sweaty in the moments of boundary setting. I even find myself looking forward to those moments. This means I am and will be literally showing up in my life. Showing up for myself and showing up for these healthy relationships that I desire. Authentically and honestly. :)

Just a big fat THANK YOU for offering this and providing the tools. My tool belt is filling out nicley. :)

Colleen K. 

Here’s the truth:

People will only take advantage of your time and energy as long as you let them. Isn’t it time to stop?

It is only when we decide to do something different and then take action that things start to change. Nothing changes until you do. So now you have a choice. There are two possible paths.

You can keep doing what you’ve already been doing and keep getting the same results OR…

You can let us guide you to start creating a life you love.

Why just survive when you can thrive?

Start Thriving Now

This course changed my life. I am crying just writing that because it sits with such a deep truth in me.

I have been following Mark @createthelove on instagram for a while, and everything he says has always resonated so deeply for me. Things started popping up about codependency, and it ignited a curiosity within me. Once I saw that the course was with Terri Cole, I just knew it was the right path for me. I have always known that codependency was an area that needed big work in my life, but I have been extremely resistant to take the first step. The timing of this course arriving into my life was nothing short of divine.

I have had an entire life change from this course. I learned how to love myself first and foremost. How to value my wants and needs, and how to advocate for them in my relationships. I now know how to bring my most true and real self to each and every relationship, and to hold myself responsible for me and only me. I learned how to meditate, and it has become a daily practice that I cannot live without. I also have implemented affirmations daily, and I am excited to grow and change these as needed. A really big result is my boundary setting. I am now a boundary QUEEN. I am not afraid to speak my truth anymore. I am able to see how me being my true and real self attracts in the right kind of people into my life. Something I was always afraid would push people away, actually does the opposite! I am excited to connote to grow, and to have this wonderful guide to help me as needed along the way. It is a practice and an exercise, and I'm over here like "put me in coach!"

The energy work was an exciting little surprise. I didn't know how much I was holding onto from my childhood, and learning how to release it was extremely beneficial for me. I am excited to integrate this exercise into my life much more often now as I continue to work through things as they arise.

 Oh gosh, I could say so many amazing things. This course changed my life. I am crying just writing that because it sits with such a deep truth in me. I have never understood self love until now. I have never advocated for myself. I have always morphed into whatever I thought my former partners wanted me to be. I HAVE NEVER KNOWN WHO I WAS. That is just so profound for me. A wild realization. I have an incredibly overwhelming feeling of gratitude to this course and both Mark and Terri. Because now I not only know who I am, but I know what I want in life, in love, in work, and in each and every relationship I have. I have boundaries that I will uphold. I have affirmations that I will continue to say daily, and change as needed. I have meditations that help me to be present. I have the tools to navigate tough situations with ease and grace. And most importantly, I have me. FINALLY. Oh, it's such a great feeling knowing myself for the first time. I am real and true. I am worthy of the love I desire. Everything I want and need is on its way to me.

Aliza H.

I can't praise Mark and Terri enough!


You know the saying, "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results", well... that was me! I finally hit my breaking point one evening and coincidentally that same evening my friend told me about this course she just signed up for, Crushing Codependency with Mark Groves. Was this the universe sending me the sign I needed to finally make a change? YES! 5 minutes later I was on the website signing up.

Let's be honest, I'm still a work in progress and all my codependency issues weren't magically cured after completing this six week course (even though I wish that would have been the case). But I also knew that going into this course; that this would be more of a marathon rather than a sprint. The changes that I do see after taking this class are as follows: I'm more aware of why I act the way I do in certain situations, whether that be in a romantic or friendship type situation. I'm able to reflect on my actions and sit back and question why I feel this way, what can I do to avoid feeling like this and what needs to change in order for this to not happen again. I’m learning to be more kind and forgiving of myself and my past actions. I'm also learning to remove myself from other people's problems and drama and not let their feelings and issues work me up which in turn causes me undue stress and anxiety.

I will say that I'm looking at how I date differently now. I'm questioning why I am always attracted to the wrong person but really trying to figure out why I am, rather than just making excuses such as "it's slim pickings in Seattle" or "all the good ones are already taken". I'm opening myself up to change and different people and I'm already seeing positive results. It's not easy, I will tell you that, trying to change 20 years of a certain behavior in 6 weeks is dang near impossible. But I'm able to reflect on situations and really have a good heart to heart with myself and ask the tough questions. I'm starting to set boundaries, something I've NEVER done in the past, and am looking forward to seeing what kind of results they will bring.

I can't praise Mark and Terri enough! They are incredibly insightful, down to earth, relatable (especially Mark), funny and caring. The course they created was very well thought out and strategic. I feel like it was broad enough to cover the majority of people's issues but specific enough that I could find little nuggets out of each section that really resonated with me and the challenges I'm going through in my life. If you're feeling stuck or confused in a relationship, whether that's with a loved one, friend or romantic partner, I highly recommend taking this course. My eyes are now open and I have the tools and confidence to make the changes I've always wanted to make in my life. Thank you both!

Jodie J.


Crushing Codependency with Mark Groves and Terri Cole

Crushing Codependency is a life changer. It is designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself so you can look objectively at any dysfunctional relationship and make the needed changes to live a happier, more harmonious life.