All about Attachment Theory with Silvy Khoucasian.


"When I finally learned about Attachment Styles it was like a lightbulb went off… All of these emotional behaviours I couldn't make sense of, suddenly made sense. Why do we chase unavailable people? Why do we start to feel like we’re going crazy if someone doesn’t text back? I asked Silvy, the best teacher I know on Attachment theory, to build this course full of tools, insights, and actionable wisdom so you can have the same transformational change that I did."

Mark Groves


This course is for you if...

You chase people who don’t seem to want you quite as much as you want them.
You want to run as soon as someone tells you they like you.
You feel drawn to people who are emotionally unavailable, just got out of a relationship, or just aren't sure what they want.
You chase, over-text, or over-communicate, and feel anxious when you don’t get a reply from someone you like.
You feel like your partner continually withdraws or shuts down and you never resolve your fights.
You feel like you're going crazy when you start to like someone, fluctuating between wanting to chase them or run away.
You run from love and you don’t know if it’s your intuition or you're just scared of someone loving you.
You constantly feel like they’re going to leave you and that you're more into them than they are into you.
You feel like they're distant and going to abandon you.
You feel overwhelmed and smothered by your partner like they always want more from you.
You're tired of your insecure or avoidant patterns and ready to change and create a secure, loving and AMAZING relationship. 

Does this sound like you?
Then this course is for you!

This course will help you...

  • Discover which attachment style(s) you resonate with the most, how they formed during childhood, and how they manifest in your relational behaviours as an adult.
  • Understand your attachment tendencies, core needs, and unique attachment strengths, and learn how to ask for the support you need.
  • Explore the well-known anxious-avoidant dance, learn how to support others with attachment tendencies, and master the art of making repairs after conflict more quickly.
  • Discover your personal boundary style and how to communicate boundaries from a place of personal responsibility, plus how to discern red flags vs self-sabotage.
  • Feel empowered in knowing that you have the tools you need to repair, create, and maintain secure relationships.
  • More quickly recognize when a relationship isn't able to meet your needs so you don’t waste time investing in relationships that don’t feel reciprocal or fulfilling.
  • End the anxious-avoidant dance. Understand why you chase or run from love. Learn your attachment style and how to heal old patterns of insecurity. This course will help you build more secure attachments that feel safe and supported!

What You Get

⭐️ 4 Weeks of Video Lessons with Relationship Coach & Writer, Silvy Khoucasian, guiding you through core aspects of Attachment Theory. $400 value

⭐️ 4 Weekly Workbooks to explore attachment tendencies and help you build more secure relationships, boundaries, and communication styles. $300 value

⭐️ 4 Weekly Integration Practices meditations, affirmations, visualizations, breakthroughs. $200 value

⭐️ Exclusive Discounts for Create The Love Cards™ and more Create The Love courses. $55 value

⭐️ Weekly Check-ins from Mark to help you connect the dots along your journey. $400 value

Total Value: $1,355 USD
Yours for only $197 USD!

What Students Are Saying

"Thank you for even more clarity on all the attachment styles. I just finished the book Attached, but his course gave me even MORE of a deeper understanding of each style. I really believed I had more anxious tendencies based on the assessment I took, but now I’m seeing I have some fearful-avoidant tendencies as well. Great breakthrough to understand myself even more. Thanks again!!" - Kim K

Meet Silvy

Silvy Khoucasian, Relationship Coach, Writer, and Attachment Theory Specialist, uniquely fuses her thorough knowledge of attachment theory, boundaries, and creativity into her coaching and writing. She has facilitated one on one, couples, and group coaching sessions for the last 10 years. Her heart's mission is to support others in being deeply and soulfully self-connected and to use their self-awareness to create fulfilling and reciprocal relationships.

Why is it so important to learn about attachment styles? "The attachment system is a radar that's constantly surveying for the safety and security of relationships. You're doing this all the time unconsciously and especially in romantic relationships, and so are your partners."

If students only got one takeaway, what should it be? "That their ability to understand themselves and others objectively can help them to create more secure, functioning and thriving relationships as well as more quickly recognize when a relationship isn't able to meet their needs so they don’t waste time investing in relationships that don’t feel reciprocal or fulfilling."


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